You are herePart 4. From the Second Passover to the Third

Part 4. From the Second Passover to the Third


Opposition of Scribes and Pharisees; Capernaum

Mt 15:1

Discourse on Pollution; Capernaum

Mt 15:2-20 Mr 7:1-23

Miraculous Healing the daughter of the Syrophoenician woman; Phoenicia

Mt 15:21-29 Mr 7:24-30

Miraculous Healing of the deaf and dumb man; Tyre & Sidon

Mr 7:32

Miraculous Healing of many sick persons; Decapolis

Mt 15:30,31

Miraculous Feeding of the four thousand; Gennesaret

Mt 15:32-39 Mr 8:1-9

Parable of the leaven of Pharisees; Gennesaret

Mt 16:1-12 Mr 8:14-22

Miraculous Healing of the Blind man; Bethsaida

Mr 8:23-27

Peter's confession of Christ; Caesarea Phillippi

Mt 16:13-21 Mr 8:27-30

First prediction of the passion; Caesarea Phillippi

Mt 16:21-28 Mr 8:31-38 Lu 9:22-27

The transfiguration; Mt. Hermon

Mt 17:1-8 Mr 9:2-8 Lu 9:28-36

Miraculous Healing the demoniac child; Mt. Hermon

Mt 17:14-21 Mr 9:14-27 Lu 9:37-42

Second prediction of the passion; Mt. Hermon

Mt 17:22,23 Mr 9:31 Lu 9:43,44

Miracle: The stater in the fish's mouth; Capernaum

Mt 17:27

Lesson on docility; Capernaum

Mt 18:1-14 Mr 9:33-37 Lu 9:46-48

Lesson on forgiveness; Capernaum

Mt 18:15 Mr 9:43

Lesson on self-denial; Capernaum

Mt 18:18

Parable of the unmerciful servant; Capernaum

Mt 18:23-35

Journey to Jerusalem through Samaria

Lu 9:51,52

Jealousy of the Samaritans; Samaria

Lu 9:53

Anger of the 'sons of thunder'; Samaria

Lu 9:54-56

The feast of tabernacles; Jerusalem

Joh 7:2-10

Discourses; Jerusalem

Joh 7:10-46

Officers sent to arrest Christ; Jerusalem

Joh 7:30,46

The adulteress; Jerusalem

Joh 8:3

Discourses; Jerusalem

Joh 8:12

Christ threatened with stoning; Jerusalem

Joh 8:59

Miraculous Healing of the Blind man and discourses; Jerusalem

Joh 9:1

Christ the Door; Jerusalem

Joh 10:1

Christ the Good Shepherd; Jerusalem

Joh 10:11

Departure from Jerusalem.

Mission of the seventy; Judea

Lu 10:1-16

Return of the seventy; Judea

Lu 10:17-24

Parable of the Good Samaritan; Judea

Lu 10:30-37

Visit to Martha & Mary; Bethany

Lu 10:38-42

Jesus teaches his disciples to pray; Judea

Lu 11:1-13

Parable of importunate friend; Judea

Lu 11:5-8

He miraculously heals the mute demoniac; Judea

Mt 12:22-45 Lu 11:14

He rebukes the blasphemy of the Pharisees; Judea

Mt 12:22-45 Lu 11:14

Discourses:- The repentant Ninevites; Judea

Mt 12:41 Lu 11:29-36

God's providence to birds and flowers; Judea

Lu 12:1-12

Parable of the Rich fool; Judea

Lu 12:13-21

Parable of servants watching; Judea

Lu 12:35-40

Parable of the wise steward; Judea

Lu 12:42-48

The murdered Galileans; Judea

Lu 13:1-5

The barren fig tree; Judea

Lu 13:6-9

Miraculous Healing of a woman with an infirmity; Judea

Lu 13:10-17

Visit to Jerusalem at the feast of Dedication

Joh 10:22-30

Attempt to stone Jesus; Jerusalem

Joh 10:31

Jesus retires across Jordan; Peraea

Joh 10:40

Are there few that be saved?; Peraea

Lu 13:23-30

The message to Herod; Paraea

Lu 13:31-33

Miraculous Healing of the man with the dropsy; Peraea

Lu 14:1-6

Parable of the great supper; Peraea

Lu 14:15-24

Parable of Tower, King going to war; Paraea

Lu 14:28-33

Parable of the lost sheep; Peraea

Mt 18:12,13 Lu 15:1-7

Parable of the lost coin; Peraea

Lu 15:8-10

Parable of the prodigal son; Peraea

Lu 15:11-32

Parable of the unjust steward; Peraea

Lu 16:1-13

Parable of the rich man and Lazarus; Peraea

Lu 16:19-31

Parable of the unprofitable servants; Peraea

Lu 17:7-10

Sickness of Lazarus; Bethany

Joh 11:1-10

Return of Jesus from Peraea to Bethany

Joh 11:11-16

Miraculous Resurrection of Lazarus; Bethany

Joh 11:17-46

The council: Advice of Caiaphas; Jerusalem

Joh 11:47-53

Jesus retires to the town of Ephraim

Joh 11:54

Last journey to Jerusalem; Borders of Samaria

Mt 19:1 Mr 10:1 Lu 17:11

Miraculous Healing of the ten lepers; Borders of Samaria

Lu 17:12-19

Parable of the unjust judge; Borders of Samaria

Lu 18:1-8

Parable of the Pharisee and the publican; Borders of Samaria

Lu 18:9-14

The question of divorce; Borders of Samaria

Mt 19:3-12 Mr 10:2-12

Christ blesses little children; Borders of Samaria

Mt 19:13-15 Mr 10:13-16 Lu 18:15-17

The rich young ruler; Borders of Samaria

Mt 19:16-22 Mr 10:17-22 Lu 18:18-23

Parable of the labourers in the vineyard; Borders of Samaria

Mt 20:1-16

Third prediction of the passion; Borders of Samaria

Mt 20:17-19 Mr 10:32-34 Lu 18:31-34

Request of James and John; Borders of Samaria

Mt 20:20-28 Mr 10:35-45

Miraculous Healing of Blind Bartimaeus; Near Jericho

Mt 20:29-34 Mr 10:46-52 Lu 18:35-43

Jesus at the house of Zacchaeus; Jericho

Lu 19:1-10

Parable of the pounds; Jericho

Lu 19:11-28