You are herePart 3. From the First Passover to the Second

Part 3. From the First Passover to the Second


The Baptist's last testimony; Aenon

Joh 3:23-36

Christ's visit to Samaria; Sychar

Joh 4:1-42

Return to Cana

Joh 4:43-46

Miraculous Healing of the Nobleman's son; Cana

Joh 4:46-54

Brief visit to Jerusalem

Joh 5:1-47

Miracle at pool of Bethesda; Jerusalem

Joh 5:1-47

Imprisonment of John the Baptist; Machaerus

Mt 4:12,17 Mr 1:14,15

Christ preaches in Galilee

Lu 4:14,15

Christ preaches at Nazareth

Mr 6:1 Lu 4:15-30

Christ preaches at Capernaum

Mt 4:13-16 Lu 4:31

Call of Andrew,Peter,James & John; Capernaum

Mt 4:18-22 Mr 1:16-20 Lu 5:1-11

Miracle draught of fishes; Capernaum

Lu 5:1-11

Miraculous Healing of a demoniac; Capernaum

Mr 1:23-27 Lu 4:33-36

Miraculous Healing of Peter's mother-in-law; Capernaum

Mt 8:14,15 Mr 1:29-31 Lu 4:38,39

Miraculous Healing of many sick and diseased; Capernaum

Mt 8:16,17 Mr 1:32-34 Lu 4:40,41

Retirement for solitary prayer

Mr 1:35 Lu 4:42

Circuit through Galilee

Mr 1:35-39 Lu 4:42-44

Miraculous Healing of a leper; Galilee

Mt 8:1-4 Mr 1:40-45 Lu 5:12-16

Retirement for a solitary prayer; Galilee

Mr 1:45 Lu 5:16

Miraculous Healing of a paralytic; Capernaum

Mt 9:1-8 Mr 2:1-12 Lu 5:18-26

Call of Matthew(Levi) Discourse at the feast; Capernaum

Mt 9:9-17 Mr 2:13-22 Lu 5:27-39

Disciples pluck the ears of corn; Galilee

Mt 12:1-8 Mr 2:23-28 Lu 6:1-5

Miraculous Healing of the man with a withered hand; Capernaum

Mt 12:9-14 Mr 3:1-6 Lu 6:6-11

Retirement for solitary prayer

Lu 6:12

Call of the Twelve Apostles; Hill of Hattin?

Mt 10:2-4 Mr 3:13-19 Lu 6:13-16

Sermon on the Mount; Hill of Hattin?

Mt 5:7-29 Lu 6:17-49

Parable of House on rock or sand; Hill of Hattin?

Mt 7:24-29 Lu 6:47-49

Miraculous Healing of the centurion's servant; Hill of Hattin?

Mt 8:5-13 Lu 7:1-10

Miraculous Raising of the son of the Widow of Nain

Lu 7:11-17

Message from John the Baptist; Capernaum

Mt 11:2-19 Lu 7:18-35

Christ's testimony respecting him; Capernaum

Mt 11:2-19 Lu 7:18-35

The woman which was a sinner; Capernaum?

Lu 7:36-50

Parable of two debtors; Capernaum?

Lu 7:41,42

Tour through Galilee with the twelve

Lu 8:1-3

Miraculous Healing of a demoniac; Capernaum

Mt 12:22

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit; Capernaum

Mt 12:24-37 Mr 3:22-30

The unclean spirit; Capernaum

Mt 12:43-46

The interruption of his relatives; Capernaum

Mt 12:46 Mr 3:31

Parables: The Sower; Plain of Gennesaret

Mt 13:1-9,18-23 Mr 4:1,14-20 Lu 8:4,11-15

Parables: The Tares; Plain of Gennesaret

Mt 13:24

Parables: The Mustard seed; Plain of Gennesaret

Mt 13:31 Mr 4:30

Parables: The Leaven; Plain of Gennesaret

Mt 13:33 Lu 13:20,21

Parables: The Candle; Plain of Gennesaret

Mt 5:15 Mr 4:21 Lu 8:16

Parables: The Candle; Plain of Gennesaret

Mt 5:15 Mr 4:21 Lu 11:33

Parables: The Treasure; Plain of Gennesaret

Mt 13:44

Parables: The Pearl; Plain of Gennesaret

Mt 13:45

Parables: The Drawnet; Plain of Gennesaret

Mt 13:47

Parables: The Seed growing secretly; Plain of Gennesaret

Mr 4:26-29

Christ miraculously calms the storm; Sea of Gennesaret

Mt 8:24-27 Mr 4:37-41 Lu 8:23-25

Miracle involving the Gergesene demoniacs; Gergesa

Mt 8:28-34 Mr 5:1-15 Lu 8:27-35

Parables: The Bridegroom; Capernaum

Mt 9:15

Parable of new cloth on old garment; Capernaum

Mt 9:16 Mr 2:21 Lu 5:36

Parable of new wine in old bottles; Capernaum

Mt 9:17 Mr 2:22 Lu 5:37,38

Miracles: Woman with issue of blood; Gennesaret

Mt 9:18 Mr 5:22 Lu 8:41

Miracles: Jairus' daughter; Capernaum

Mt 9:18 Mr 5:22 Lu 8:41

Miracles: Two blind men; Capernaum

Mt 9:27,30

Miracles: Dumb spirit; Capernaum

Mt 9:32,33

Mission of Twelve Apostles; Capernaum

Mt 10:1 Mr 6:7-12 Lu 9:1-6

Death of John the Baptist; Machaerus

Mt 14:1-12 Mr 6:14-29 Lu 9:7

Feeding of the five thousand; Bethsaida

Mt 14:13-21 Mr 6:30-44 Lu 9:12-17 Joh 6:1-13

Miraculous walking on the water; Lake Gennesaret

Mt 14:25 Mr 6:48 Joh 6:19

Discourse in synagogue on the Bread of Life; Capernaum

Mt 14:34 Joh 6:26-70