You are herePart 1. The Nativity and Early Life of Jesus

Part 1. The Nativity and Early Life of Jesus

The Divinity of Christ

Joh 1:1-5

Annunciation of birth of John the Baptist; Jerusalem

Lu 1:5-25

Espousal of the Virgin Mary; Nazareth

Mt 1:18 Lu 1:27

The annunciation of the birth of Jesus; Nazareth

Lu 1:26-38

The visitation of Mary to Elisabeth; Hebron, or Juttah

Lu 1:39-55

Her return to Nazareth

Lu 1:56

Joseph's vision; Nazareth

Mt 1:20-25

Birth and infancy of John the Baptist; Hebron

Lu 1:57-80

Birth of Jesus; Bethlehem

Lu 2:1-7
Adoration by the shepherds; Bethlehem

Lu 2:8-16

Circumcision; Bethlehem

Mt 1:25 Lu 2:21

Presentation and purification; Jerusalem

Lu 2:22-29

The Genealogies

Mt 1:1-17 Lu 3:23-38

Adoration by the wise men; Bethlehem

Mt 2:1-12

Flight into Egypt

Mt 2:13-15

Massacre of the innocents; Bethlehem

Mt 2:16-18

Return to Nazareth

Mt 2:19-23 Lu 2:39

Childhood of Jesus; Nazareth

Lu 2:40

With the doctors in the Temple; Jerusalem

Lu 2:46-50

Youth of Jesus; Nazareth

Lu 2:51